Our Team

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in the data center industry. We deliver flexible, efficient and resilient data center solutions. We minimize disruptions by proactively communicating with our customers to discover and resolve issues before they have an impact on performance.

We are strengthened by industry experts who bring extensive knowledge, skill, and experience. We elevate leaders who bring vision, innovation and commitment to our people. We are expanding our team of individuals who believe in that vision and bring their best to support our customers and colleagues.

Meet Our CloudHQ Professionals

  • hossein fateh 3[31]

    Founder & CEO

  • keith harney employee headshot

    Chief Operating Officer

  • karen donahoe employee headshot

    Chief Financial Officer

  • gavin klein headshot

    General Counsel

  • ckimage

    EVP – Operations & Sustainability

  • brian zemcik employee headshot

    EVP, Design & Development

Dedicated Professionals

  • melvin bellamy employee headshot

    VP, Corporate IT

  • gareth cross employee headshot

    VP, Development & Construction (EMEA)

  • jose fraga employee headshot

    EVP (LatAm)

  • darryl hart employee headshot

    VP, Finance

  • pete hohm employee headshot

    VP, Development

  • rebecca jacobs employee headshot

    SVP, Accounting

  • chris jones employee headshot

    Director, Mechanical Operations

Employee Headcount Growth in the past year

  • faran kaplan employee headshot

    VP, Sales Engineering

  • peter knapp employee headshot

    EVP & Country Head (Germany)

  • tiffany lathe employee headshot

    SVP, Legal

  • michelle melito employee headshot

    VP, Human Resources

  • dan molloy employee headshot

    VP, Data Center IT

  • brian o'hara employee headshot

    VP, Infrastructure

  • patrick quinn employee headshot

    VP, Property Operations

  • erin ramana employee headshot

    Asst. General Counsel

of employees are provided with additional skill training and learning programs.

  • sheslie royster employee headshot

    Global Tax Director

  • robert strachan employee headshot

    Director, Electrical Operations

  • alex tilley employee headshot

    VP, Head Sales & Leasing

  • Johnson Tan Headshot

    Managing Director, APAC

  • jeramy utara employee headshot

    VP, Sales & Leasing

  • chris warnke employee headshot

    VP, Site Selection & Acquisitions

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