KIX Campus

34.63940, 135.42107
1,345,489 SF | 125,000 SM
96.4 MWs Available Critical Load
96.4 MWs Total Critical IT Load
RFS Within 14 Months
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Campus Overview

CloudHQ’s Cosmosquare, a 96 MW hyperscale data center campus strategically located in Nanko Kita, Osaka City, is within 10 km of the major internet and telecom exchanges in Osaka CBD. The campus will be developed over three phases (KIX1, KIX2 & KIX3) and designed for cloud providers and enterprises who are already utilizing the Osaka CBD availability zone plus those who wish to bring new services into central Osaka. With limited available data center capacity in central Osaka due to land and power constraints, and with no new capacity planned, the Cosmosquare development offers a significant amount of low latency connectivity and scalable capacity to the Osaka central business district.