MCC Campus

38.71955, -77.49819
2,232,875 SF | 207,441 SM
96 MWs Available Critical Load
382 MWs Total Critical IT Load
RFS Within 20 Months

Campus Overview

The MCC data centers are located on CloudHQ’s inaugural campus, on the south side of the Manassas data center market. Providing over 375 MWs of critical IT load spread across seven data centers, the campus has provided ample growth opportunities for its tenants. The MCC campus offers a direct connection to both CloudHQ’s MDC campus and local and long-haul fiber routes via our Manassas Fiber Highway. MCC5 is siteplan approved and ready to begin immediate development. MCC7 is slated to begin construction in mid-2025 with an expected RFS delivery in Q3 2026.