LHR Campus

51.62773, -1.27040
2,250,000 SF | 209,032 SM
101 MWs Available Critical Load
101 MWs Total Critical IT Load
RFS Within 22 Months
didcot united kingdom lhr campus

Campus Overview

CloudHQ’s 37.5 acre LHR campus, located in Didcot, England is one of the largest fully permitted and powered campuses within the London metro, offering over 100MW IT load and capacity to expand to 300MW IT load. The campus is strategically located to the West of the Slough Trading Estate, adjacent to a 400kV National Grid substation, offering significant savings to our customers who are able to connect at transmission level voltage. CloudHQ have further invested by building diverse fiber duct infrastructure from the LHR campus, directly to the Slough Trading Estate, enabling a campus style ability to grow at significant scale.