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Germany (GER1 & GER2)

Frankfurt, Germany
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Our Frankfurt campus, located in Offenbach Germany, will provide 115.2 MWs of IT load via two 570,000 SF (52,955 SQM) two-story data centers.  With excellent fiber availability, the site is sub one-millisecond roundtrip to Frankfurt and the local area network hubs.  Both data centers will be supplied via an on-site substation with power provided by Energieversorgung Offenbach (EVO).


Site Features

  • 36 acres (14.5 hectares)
  • 2 two-story data centers planned
  • Excellent fiber/telecommunications availability
  • On-site substation to be developed

Proposed Data Center Features

  • 115.2 MWs of IT Load via dedicated on-site substation
  • 650,000 SF (60,385 SQM) of private computer room space
  • Non-evaporative heat rejection system
  • < 1.25 annualized PUE
  • 24x7x365 on-site security staff
  • Electronic card-key access system with biometric screeners

Other Locations

Our London campus, located outside England’s capital city, will provide 90 MWs of IT load via two 370,000 SF (34,375 SQM) single-story data centers.  Ample fiber availability provides sub one-millisecond roundtrip travel times to Slough.  Both data centers will be supplied via an on-site substation with power provided by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSE).

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London (ENG1 & ENG2)

London, UK

LC5, a site-plan approved 132,787 SF data center, is located on our Ashburn campus in the heart of Data Center Alley.  Providing up to 14 MWs of IT load and with direct access to the largest concentration of fiber in the world, ASH4 is perfectly suited for a single tenant.  A design-build project, the final specifications of the data center will be decided in tandem with the customer.

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Ashburn (LC5)

Ashburn, VA

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