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From efficient design to secure computing environments, CloudHQ delivers customer-specific solutions for secure, reliable data center operations.

Data Center Management

Our dedicated team of subject matter experts oversee day-to-day operations and maintenance ensuring customers’ continuous availability of critical load.

Remote Hands

For customers without onsite employees, our Remote Hands service provides hands-on support for your equipment. Services range from the reboot of a server to performance of critical diagnostics on a downed system.

Managed Services

This customer offering includes all aspects of data center operations. The customer is in control of their hardware, but CloudHQ oversees all Remote Hands, Network and Management services.

Design & Engineering

We provide clients with the opportunity to work with our team of design and engineering experts, developing a computing environment tailored to their exact specifications.

Computer Room Design

Our engineers collaborate with customer teams to design the most efficient electrical and mechanical systems for customers’ computer rooms.

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